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Adelaide Hills Speech Therapy Session

Speech Assessment

Through engaging play activities, we can complete a comprehensive assessment of your child's communication needs. We get to know your child including their strengths and interests.

Individualised Support

We tailor our therapy to suit your child's individual needs and build programs that can be effectively delivered in your own home or your child's other regular environments like Child Care or school.

Speech and Language Therapy Adelaide Hills

Speech Therapy

Regular therapy sessions support the achievement of your child's communication goals. We constantly evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of strategies for each individual child and their family.

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Our Therapy is Play Centred

As a parent, you know the struggle to engage your child in something they are not interested in. Pushing your child through a standard therapy program is typically not effective. 

We instead engage your child in play or an activity of interest and then apply the therapy program around this. We get amazing results from this approach. 

It’s a win-win outcome that is enjoyable for all!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are self managed or plan managed, you can have your choice of speech therapy provider. 

We can provide services through this model following a referral from your GP allowing you to access available rebates. 

Check with your insurer if you already have or can add cover towards the cost of speech therapy. 

We can determine the best way to fit in with your individual circumstances. We offer therapy both from the comfort of your home online and in-person at our Adelaide Hills speech therapy clinic.

We can offer in-person services to families living in the Adelaide Hills, Eastern Fleurieu Peninsula and Murraylands in South Australia.

We also offer convenient telepractice services online for families living all over Australia.

It’s hard to determine this from the outset but we can provide an estimate after the first few sessions. We set communication goals together with you, regularly inform you of progress and continually evaluate the effectiveness of therapy.

No referral is necessary. You can book an appointment directly by getting in contact with us.

About Us

At Connecting Speech Pathology, we recognise the profound impact that effective communication can have on a person’s quality of life.

Whether you’re seeking a thorough assessment of your child’s communication abilities, a personalised program, or targeted speech therapy, we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

We take pride in our commitment to excellence and our passion for helping kids achieve their communication goals.

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about our services and how Connecting Speech Pathology can help your child unlock their communication potential.

We Help With:

  • Children learning language to communicate with others
  • Children forming speech sounds to speak clearly
  • Children who stutter being efficient and confident communicators
  • Children communicating in social environments

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Still Unsure?

There is nothing to lose by getting in contact with us for more information. 

If we can’t help you, you can bet we are connected to someone who can. 

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